The Very Worst Advice

Not too long ago, Lisette posted about the worst marriage advice she'd ever gotten, and it made for an entertaining post. Why? Because it was funny and everyone could relate to it. So I decided to ask a few of my friends and fellow bloggers to share the worst advice they've ever received. I would also love for you to share your worst piece of advice in the comments today, because we've all been there. Just click on their names to check out their blogs.
Some love of a grandmother/teacher/friend/your mother wants you to be really happy and decides to give you some awesome advice! Unfortunately, this advice is just crappy or is terribly inappropriate for the situation you're in - bless her heart.*

Before I got married, I heard countless times that my future husband and I should never go to bed angry. Now, almost a year and a half into marriage, I've realized that endlessly arguing in circles doesn't do either of us any good. When we just agree to go to sleep instead, we both always wake up feeling better, and we've usually let go of any anger that was there the night before. And even in the middle of an argument, before we fall asleep we always kiss and say "I love you", which I think helps us both to sleep a little better with our frustrations.

"Sure! Cut your hair! It'll grow back!"

I haven't been back to that hair dresser since.

This is the lady I said to countless times that I was growing out my hair, that it had been a lifelong "dream" of mine to have long hair, and what does she do?! Ignores everything I've been telling her during one moment of weakness... and I listened.

The worst advice I've ever seen was from my high school counselor. When I told her that I wanted to apply to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she told me to apply to other schools. This doesn't sound like bad advice, right? Safety schools are never bad. The problem is that she followed up by telling me that I probably wouldn't get into my dream college and that I should basically just consider a less prestigious school.  

I know she was trying to be helpful, but I'm never okay with telling someone to not follow their dreams or goals. I actually did apply to other schools, and I had mentally convinced myself that I wouldn't get into my dream school. I even began telling people I just applied for the fun of it, even though I knew I wouldn't get in. By the way, I am at Chapel Hill now. And I'm happier than I could have imagined.

A few of my favorites?

"You'll always regret it if you graduate early."
- I still regret not graduating early. Senior year of high school was a joke.

"The internet is terrible for the environment. It's ridiculous. We need to get back to printing everything on paper."
- My French Banker. This advice wasn't directed at me, but rather her fellow bankers.

"When you have kids, it's up to you to make all the decisions, because of your mothering instincts. Your husband's a man and won't know what he's doing. It's better if he doesn't get involved."
- from a concerned father of 5.


*One of my teachers in high school told me that you can say anything you want about another person, even if it's mean, and still come out looking sweet, as long as you follow it up with "Bless his/her heart." Not sure this is solid advice, but it sure makes me chuckle. Example: "That kid was just never smart enough to learn Algebra - Bless his heart."
"Suzy-Joe is just a bitter, grumpy, nasty hag - Bless her heart."


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