Latest French Living Tips

I have a lot of "Ah! So that's how they do it!" moments here. So I thought I'd share a few with you today, just in case you're thinking of making the move over to France. Why make things harder on yourself than you need to?

1. You can pay as little as 2€ a month for cellphone service with no contract. This includes 2 hours of calling, unlimited inbound calls, and unlimited texting. If you go over the limit, extra minutes and internet data are still dirt cheap. 

- Don't buy into those Pay-as-you go phone schemes that they try to sell students. They used to be a good deal, but now that Free has pretty much taken over the market, everyone's monthly prices have dropped dramatically to keep up.

2. Buy your bras from England. Shipping from England is usually pretty cheap, and they have a much, much better size selection. 

I've been buying my bras from Etam since I got here, because they are the only shop that sells my size for a reasonable price (i.e. less than $100). However, if you're over a C cup, they give you zero support and actually pull your breasts down. Plus, my Etam bras usually last 2 months before the band stretches out so far that I can't wear them anymore. It's really unfortunate. Yay for Ebay!

*There's a pretty good chance that you're wearing the wrong bra size, especially if you got sized from Victoria's Secret. They size you specifically so that you can fit into their limited selection of sizes. That was a bummer to find out.

Furthermore, being a D cup or higher does not necessarily mean you have big boobs. As the band sizes go down, so does the cup size.  A person wearing a 36C has the same cup size a person wearing a 30 DDD/E. The only difference is the size of their rib cage. 

3. English books are way cheaper on

I know a couple of other sites that sell affordable English books to southern Europe as well, but I haven't personally checked them and can't review them. But I know that you can buy an English book for 30€ at your local Chapitre, or you can buy the same book on for 5€. 


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