It's Ok - The Expat Version

Sometimes living in another country feels adventurous and romantic. Other times (most times) it's really frustrating, and you feel like an idiot.

It's ok....

If you have no idea how to properly open a box of milk in your new country.
Don't worry - I've got it now!

If you burn the rice and cry about it.

If you spend two hours at the grocery store looking for "normal" lined paper.
FYI - They often don't have it. You'll probably end up having to buy a notebook of graph paper.

If you go in to do the bises (little cheek kisses) with someone and you end up hitting noses.
You'll probably be super embarrassed and feel like a freak though.

If you secretly sneak your husband most of the Foie Gras that your friends/relatives try to serve you, because you just can't get over the idea of how it's made.

If you occasionally use the "Well that's how we do it in America" excuse when people ask why you're doing something that they think is weird. (Eating PB&J's comes to mind)

If you just don't like or agree with some of the cultural norms. (However, you do have to learn to be respectful of them, and in most cases get over them. I'm still working on this.)

If some days you like your new country more than your old one.

If the week the after that all you want to do is hop on a plane back home.


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