Holy Guacamole!

Amanda Please write a post on how birthdays are celebrated in France!

Hmm.... I don't think France has any special birthday traditions. You kind of get to do whatever you want and make a wish when you blow out the candles on your cake.

I'm the opposite of a party girl. Stay outing until three a.m. in some club blasting loud music is my idea of a nightmare. And while I love celebrating holidays like Christmas and Halloween in a big way, I love my birthdays to be low key and personal.

This year I asked Monsieur Right to take me to a Mexican restaurant. That's it. My husband's idea of the perfect birthday is a 6 hour long BBQ at his grandparent's house with the whole family and some friends. It took me awhile to convince that I just wanted to go out for a romantic for dinner for two and spend a quiet evening at home. He just really didn't get it.

"Maybe, we can invite the whole family to the restaurant with us! Wouldn't that be great?"

Le sigh. He then suggested this three or four more times before my actual birthday, because he was just sure that I'd change my mind. I reassured him many times that an intimate tête-à-tête would mean much more to me than a big group activity.

It turned out wonderfully.

Viva Mexico Grenoble Restaurant

I haven't eaten so well in such a long time.

He found this amazing hole-in-the-wall restaurant that's owned by a lovely Mexican family that barely speaks French. They were rolling out the hand made corn torillas as we walked in, and I believe I started drooling a little bit.

I think most expats would agree that finding good Mexican food on this side of the Atlantic is a generally disappointing experience. However, this is the best restaurant I've been to since moving to France.

If you're living in the Rhone Alps region and get a craving for Mexican food (where they cook with real black beans) then make sure you type Viva Mexico, Grenoble into Google. I realize that last sentence makes this sound like a sponsored post, but I promise that it's not! I'm just really, really excited about my new discovery!


I hope you all had wonderful weekends.


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