Good News All Around!

It's been a while since I've done a Life Lately post, and this month has been full of good news for my friends and family on this side of the Atlantic.

First of all, my maid of honor just announced she's engaged! Congrats M! I'm so stoked for her and hope I can help her as much as she helped me with my wedding plans. That woman is an angel. She was there through every step of the planning process, came to help set things up even though she has a really busy schedule, and then stayed up until 5 a.m. cleaning our reception hall with Monsieur Right's family after the wedding. I owe her big time.

Secondly, we got a surprise visit from some cousins from New Caledonia. They found out that their daughter was accepted in her dream university program in Lyon and decided to stop by for a few days. She'll be studying Math and Computer Science. I'm really proud of her. So how did we celebrate? By picnicking at the nearest castle of course. :)

Lastly, my French friend, we'll call her Mia, just announced she's pregnant! Technically, I'm not supposed to know until she tells me in person tomorrow. But that doesn't mean I can't be excited now! She's such a sweetheart and will be an excellent mother. The girls and I were discussing possible baby names for le petit at lunch today, and it inspired tomorrow's post. :)


So many things to be grateful for. What have you ladies been up to lately?


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