Moving Back to The States?

We have Internet again!

I promise to answer your comments and questions from last week over the course of the next few days! Please bear with as I try to make up for lost time. Getting a week behind on e-mails sucks.

A while back, I asked you guys if you wanted to know anything about life in France, me, or my limited knowledge of blogging, and got some really awesome questions! Some of them were so interesting, I think I'll just turn them into entire posts. :) But today I'll be answering to a few of the questions that require shorter responses.

Momma and me at my American bridal shower, that some sweet ladies put together for me during my last trip home.
You know that game where you break into teams to see who can make the prettiest wedding dress out of toilet paper?
We made lingerie instead... The game is much more fun this way - I promise!

 Nati: Where did you go for your honeymoon?
We decided not to go on a honeymoon. I was working as an English Language Teaching Assistant at the time and the head teacher barely let me the day off for my actual wedding. Technically, I didn't even get that day free. I had to make up the hours later. FYI, that job is a total crap shoot. You might end up working with people who don't care whether you show up or not, some of the best teachers/educators you'll ever meet, or maybe even some unbalanced individuals, that clearly shouldn't be teaching if they're not on medication.

We also had more of a wedding "week" than a wedding day. It was wonderful, but by the end, there was absolutely no way we wanted to add the stress of a vacation on top that. I just wanted to sleep!

Megan: What do you do for work?
I really wish I could share with you ladies, but due to the nature of my job, I've decided not to discuss it on the blog for professional reasons. Getting this job was a result of good timing and great luck. I'm so grateful for it. :) C'est pas evident dans cette ├ęconomie, quoi. 

Kate: Do you intend to live in France forever, or do you think you could develop the travel bug and go further afield?
Sara: Do you think you and Monsieur Right will stay in France or is the US in your future at some point?
We're actually hoping to move to a French island in the south Pacific, New Caledonia, in a couple of years. :) We have a lot of family there and think it would be a really fun adventure.

For the moment, we have no plans to move State-side. But I've learned over the last few years that life rarely turns out the way you planned. So who knows? We aren't ruling out the possibility. :)

Amberly: What made you guys decide to live in France instead of the U.S.?
My husband doesn't speak English yet. So finding a job state side would have been really difficult. I was newly graduated when we decided to get married, and he was already well into his career. In the end, it just made more sense for us to stay here.


I tried to include a link to everyone's blog name on here. But if you see your name listed, and I haven't linked back to you, please let me know. I'll fix that as soon as possible!


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