How to Spread the Blogging Love

I've been reading a lot of posts lately about negativity - Negative comments, negative feedback, name-calling, drama, etc, and it totally sucks. But it's also life. People have the right to disagree, the right to criticize, the right to lie, and even the right to be downright nasty. It doesn't matter if they're right or wrong, most likely you'll feel terrible if you're the target. It's a hard pill to swallow.

Luckily, you don't have to choose to focus your energy on that! There are so many more uplifting ways to spend your time.

So to step away from all the gloom, doom, and "why me's" that we can get so caught up in, today I wanted to give you a list of ways you can help promote the posts/information that you do love. Most of these only take about two seconds, but they can go a long way in supporting your favorite blogs.


The more interaction a Facebook post gets, the more people see it. Here are a few simple ways to help your favorite blogger's posts get a little more attention.

Good - Like their post
Better - Comment on their post
Best - Share their post

Ultimate - Post a direct link to their blog post and tell your friends how much you loved it.


Retweet their tweets

Tweet a link to your favorite post of theirs

Tweet a link to today's post

Use the Buffer App - This is brilliant for bloggers & Nadine made you a nice little tutorial here.

Blog Post

Comment on their post

Provide a link to one of their blog posts in your own blog post
If you're sneaky enough, it will sound totally natural. You can just be like, "So the other day, I was talking to my blogging besties Amanda and Beth..." See? Nothing too painful.

Give credit where credit is due
Obviously copying is out. It's unethical and just in bad taste all around.
But being inspired by somebody else's post is totally find. You should all know that my new layout was inspired by Sarah's tutorial over here. Every time she posts her blog designing secrets, I feel the need to redo my entire layout. This girl knows what she's doing.

One up it on Google Plus
This helps loads with SEO & takes very little effort on your part.

Here's my mini-tutorial

1. Scroll to the bottom of their post.

2. Click on the "g +1" Button


Follow them on Pinterest
I mean, I totally wouldn't hate if you followed me. - Shameless plug.

Pin their best images
Bonus if you write a good description so that people can find their pin through the search option as well!


Will this make everyone love you? Absolutely, not. No matter what you do, negativity happens. But some days, it's just nice to be nice for no reason at all and promoting your favorite posts certainly isn't going to hurt anyone!

What would you add to this list? I am missing anything here?


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