C'est Chébran, Non?

Every once in a while, I'll be scrolling through Pinterest, and notice tons of pretty things that seem to be really taking off in the States. Then they start showing up in blog posts and blowing up my twitter feed. However, I never see them actually show up in real life. My French buddies don't give a care, even those who are really active on social media. So today, I'm bringing you:

Trends That Never Caught on in France

1. Chevron
No one in France ever cared about Chevron. Not even for a minute. I'm kind of bummed about this one. Sure, it's a Pinterest trend that will burn out faster the Pleather pants disaster that was happening while I was in middle school, but I kind of like it...

*Note: I also owned a pair of pleather, flair style pants when I was a kiddo, so.... yeah.

2. Miley Cyrus
If it wasn't for blogs and Twitter, I would have never heard about Monday's fiasco (was it Monday?). Quite a few people here have never even heard of her and the rest of them could care less.

*Update: I saw the incident briefly mentioned in a pop culture tv show Tuesday night, Le Petit Journal. But they didn't really care about her. They were more interested in other famous people's reactions.

*Update: "The bottom image is actually from when the leak originally happened after the earthquake at Fukushima, and not a new image from new radiation levels in the water. It's been shared around the web as the latter but it is in fact the former!"

A big thank you to Katie for letting me know!

3. Mason Jar Decorations
These have been blowing up Pinterest for the last year or so. But do you know what they use Mason jars for in France? Storing food. I showed my husband a picture of this pretty mason jar/sand/candle combo thing, suggesting it might be a cute party decoration, and he looked at me like I had lost my mind.

French reactions: 
Uh... Why would you ruin a pretty candle by shoving it into a pickle jar?!

Is that supposed to be creative?

Wow. That's a little tacky, non?

Is that a craft for people who can't afford real vases?

Well color me embarrassed. In retrospect, they might have been right. But let's be honest, pretty pictures on Pinterest make you go a little crazy sometimes.


P.s. Chébran is Verlan (a fun form of French slang) for Branché meaning in style, trendy.


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