Things You Need To Know Before Moving to France

Firstly, thank you so much for the support and love you all sent me yesterday! It's girls like you that make me love blogging. :) Thank You!

Skipping ahead to today's post. It's one of those days where I had no shortage of blogging ideas. However, they all came late at night and needed properly lit pictures. The lighting in my apartment just isn't cutting it, so you'll get those posts another day. Instead, I'll be warning you about a few things you need to know before you come to visit me in France.

1. Makeup is way more expensive here.

Tip: Ebay is your friend. Even with international shipping, you can buy mascara from back home cheaper than you can buy it here.

2. Skin Care products are of a much higher quality.

When you come you'll need to stock up on these French scrubs, lotions, oils, and facial washes. Miracle creams, tons of them. I came to France with mild acne, and it has all disappeared friends. I very, very rarely get a zit now, and when I do you can bet it's gonna be itty-bitty. Some days, I swear my skin almost glows like Rory's from the Gilmore Girls.

This has nothing to do with good genetics folks, nor good luck. It is the power of French pharmacy products.

*I probably just jinxed myself and will wake-up with a huge break-out tomorrow. Pride comes before the fall, right? ;)
Tip: You can check out the reviews I've done in the past here. I've also discovered quite a few gems since that I should probably review soon. :) So much fun, pretty stuff!

3. Say Hello and Goodbye to shop personnel 

....and the ladies at the Pool's reception desk. Apparently, this is a thing here, and it's super rude not to do it. I had no idea for a longest time, until one fateful summer day, when I was leaving the pool with Monsieur Right. I just walked out of the dressing rooms and right out the door (like a normal person). My husband was so embarrassed, and I couldn't figure out for the life of me why it bothered him.

Monsieur Right: You couldn't even say goodbye to the receptionist?
Me: "Um... I don't know her. Am I supposed to know her from some where?"
Monsieur Right: Why does that matter? Good manners and common sense tell you to say goodbye to a person as your leaving their place of business.
Me: Um....What? No. She and I have never met. Is that a thing here?

Yes, friends. It is a thing here, and it's not a little thing. It's a big, important, polite thing. The receptionist's desk wasn't even in my line of exit. In America, if someone went out of their way to say goodbye to me at my workplace, I would assume that they knew me from somewhere (or I might just think they're weird). It doesn't work like that in France. Just say goodbye, even if it makes you feel like a nutter.

Tip: You don't have to do this when you enter huge supermarkets, or larger stores where the personnel aren't within a close proximity.


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