If Polaroid and Instagram had a Baby...

Friends, I have always wanted a Polaroid camera. There's something vintage and magic about those little square prints. Imagine how thrilled I was when Printic contacted me to see if I would test out their new app. It's an application that turns your Instagram photos into Polaroids and delivers them straight to your mail box a few days later. It's easy to use, the app is free, and the photo prints are super cheap. What's not to like?

The best part? Their printing service is available in the United States and in France!

They sent me credits for 6 free prints that, so that I could try it out and let you guys know what I think.

You just download the app, plug in your info, pick your photos and you're good to go! Prints are just 0,79€ / $0.99 each, which is a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.

Then, this sweet vintage looking envelope shows up in your pretty little mail box. 

I was really excited when I this little monogrammed "P". I thought "P for Patricia!", and then I realized that it was probably P for Printic. Whatever.

Tad-ah! The final result. I'm pretty happy with them - all shiny and pretty.

I chose to get the writing option on half of them, so that you could see what that looks like too!

You may have noticed that I don't generally go the sponsored post route on this blog. This is actually my first one, because I'm super picky. I politely decline offers that I don't feel would be a good match for you guys. I get a lot of those. It's flattering, but to be frank, it's not a good financial invest for them or for me if I review something that I'm not really excited about. But I decided that this one was just too fun not to share!

Printic: Super cute, affordable, and applicable, since I'm a little obsessed with Instagram.

So what do you ladies think? Is this an app you'd be willing to try out? I think the Polaroid nostalgia meets modern digital photos concept is awesome. 


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