Friday Funnies Are Back!

Friday Funnies took last weekend off, so that he could fully celebrate the 4th of July. He's really patriotic like that. But now he's back! I can't wait to read all your hilarious posts this weekend!

Friday Funnies
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It's time to link-up all of your most hilarious posts.

Isn't that great? A link-up where you'll actually want to click & read all the other posts. No better way to start off the weekend than with some good laughs, right?

If you just aren't funny or haven't ever written a funny post, don't worry! Just make a post on Friday sharing the funniest things you saw/heard that week. You can use photos, youtube videos, jokes, a funny conversation that you recently heard, anything - as long as it's legal! 

Did another blogger post something hilariously funny this week & you really want to share the link? That's fine too! Just let them know that you linked them up. :)

There aren't a lot of "rules" for this link up. The goal is to get people smiling. You can even link-up your old funny posts!

So how does it work?

1. Please Grab the Button or put a link back to the link-up somewhere on your post/blog, so that your readers can enjoy everyone's funny posts.

2. Your Hosts would LOVE for you to follow them. 

Living in Another Language

3. Please link up to a specific post and not just your blog's main page. 

4. Feel free to share other blogger's funny posts. I'm sure they'll appreciate the love, we'll appreciate reading them, and you'll win extra good karma points. :)

Remember, the goal is to get people smiling.


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