Do You Want the Good News or the Bad News First?

It's officially Friday in France!

Let's start with the positive
: I start a new full-time job on Monday! I'm really, really excited about it. I've been looking since January, and let's just say the job market in France is not blooming. Also, what are the rules for talking about your job on your blog? I'm pretty sure saying that I have one is just fine, but I don't know what's smart to share beyond that. Any tips?

Guess this means lazy days at the lake are over...
Just kidding. Our closest lake is in the Alps. That lake is flippin' cold!

Now for the bad news: With the contract I'm signing, I might not legally be able to earn money from my blog. Things aren't certain yet, and I haven't looked too much into the details. Let's be frank, the intricacy of French labor laws has never been one of my strong points. But I will no longer be taking paid sponsors for a little while. If you've already bought your spot, you're golden. Your button will go up, and you'll get everything that you paid for. No worries.


I'm not accepting new paid sponsors until I verify that I can legally do so. This could mean that sponsors spots will be available again in two weeks, or that I'll be taking a long term break from having sponsors. I'm really bummed about this. Sponsoring has given me the opportunity to meet some really awesome people. I'm also unable to give everyone free ad space, because my brain would explode because that would be unfair to the sponsors who've already paid to advertise.

My Blog is a hot mess:

I tried to center my header the other day, because it was slightly off, and totally screwed something up. My blog's been a hot HTML mess ever since. Hopefully, it's fixed now.

Please, please, please, if you ever see any links or photos that aren't working, let me know! Half the time it looks just fine or works just fine on my end, and I have no idea until someone tells me several days later. I promise I won't take it badly!


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