What People Google When They Think No One is Looking... Part 1

Two words - Google Analytics. 
*If you don't have this on your blog, install it now. It's pretty amazing.

You can see what people type into Google that brings them to your blog. Sometimes, this information can be pretty useful. For example, if you have a search topic that brings a lot of people to your blog, you might want to write about it more. However, sometimes this information is just freaking hilarious.

Turns out, there is a lot of strange, inappropriate crap that brings people to my blog. 

How on Earth did that bring you to my blog?

I thought I'd join in, and share with you all just how twisted people can be when they think no one's watching them search.

Public peeing
Not 1, but 6 people have found my blog using that search term. 5 more found it through typing peeing in public, and another 4 clicked on over from their search for "public pee".

french women do not pee
??? They do, I promise. They just don't pee as often as Americans do. 
No, really. Once when we first started dating, I went to go use his bathroom and Monsieur Right was like, "David (his friend who studied abroad in America) was totally right! American girls do go to the bathroom all the time." And I was slightly mortified.
Maybe I get so many pee-quiries because of this post.

adults who do not wear deodorant
... Smell bad and have trouble finding a respectable job.
They even wear deodorant in France, despite what you may have heard to the contrary. French people actually get really offended when you tell them that Americans think that.

but i'm wearing deodorant
I'm so proud of you!!!

fat women kising kids
I'm not sure if that search landed her on my post about how French women actually do get fat, or my post about how much I hate that cheek kissing thing. Either way. I'm sure that searcher was disappointed.

girl gets impregnated in public toilet
Okay. I was slightly paranoid as a child and totally thought this was possible. 
(It's not by the way.)

how do i recognize a creeper If he creeps you out (you'll know the feeling), he's a creeper. If you're still not sure, go ahead and read about the different types of creeper here.

is burgundy decor outdated
Ummm... I'm going to guess yes. Go back to Google.

what to do when your child is having a multiracial
A multiracial what? Relationship? Then you can just thank your stars that you didn't raise a racist pig, and be happy for your child. Also, you can read this post.

men kissing peeing
You sir (or madame) are a total pervert. Please feel free to not visit my blog ever again.

запознанства с чужденец
Bless you.

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