The Posts You Don't Wanna Miss

This is just a quick collection of my favorite posts for the week. I read (okay sometimes just skim) a lot of blogs, and Saturday I try to throw together a post based on the posts that stood out the most to me during the week - a.k.a the posts that stayed with me days after having read them.

The one where she says what everyone else is thinking.

A hilarious and accurate interpretation of what men say and what they really mean. It's a funny read even if you're not dating anymore.

I used to use pluggio to keep organized tweet wise. But this looks like it's going to be a lifesaver - a must try.

This girl always makes me laugh - loudly and sometimes when I'm in public when it's not appropriate. A must read if you too feel sorry for the newest baby in Hollywood. My husband looked at me like a crazy person when I asked him if he'd heard about it


I know I'm missing a ton of good posts! Next week I'm going to try and actually write these down during the week. Oops.

 What were your favorite reads this week?


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