The Benefits of Being Unemployed

Friday I finally got my Carte De Sejour after a 6 month long application process!!! It's the French equivalent of a green card and it's super pretty. This thing is pink and blue and slightly sparkly. I'd show you a picture, but there are too many psychos on the internet and that little card is covered with personal info. Maybe I'll try to show you a blurred out version later? Anyways, it's really beautiful and I'm super excited!

For anyone who's been following along closely, you know what a pain in the neck this whole thing has been.

Let's take a moment to celebrate!

This also (hopefully) means that there's an end in sight to my little period of unemployment. In college I worked full time, took classes full time, and was really involved with my local church, so this unemployment  thing is kind of driving me crazy!

But let's be honest. Sometimes a solid two month break is good for you, especially when you're a chronic overbooker like me. Here are a few things I'll certainly miss in the months to come.

Taking off in the middle of the day for a lake trip

Sleeping in till noon

Or going to bed really early, if I feel like it

Having the time to make all those yummy recipes I find on Pinterest

Spending all day on Twitter
Three months ago I barely new what Twitter was. Now I'm addicted.

Wearing (or not wearing) what ever I want 
The freedom to lounge around all day in your knickers is a beautiful thing.

Actually, I just wish this one happened.

Not gonna lie. I probably never would started seriously blogging if I'd had a full time job.

Unlimited time with Monsieur Right
This is every newlywed's dream, right? It's pretty wonderful, though the occasional "shopping" break or girl's day out is definitely necessary for my sanity. 

Daytime TV

Feeling like everyday is Saturday

I also want to take a moment to introduce you to an amazing Expat living in Mexico. Her name is Kim and she blogs about her adventures over at A Moving Story. Make sure you click on over and check her out! 

Why did you start blogging?
I began blogging as a way to keep in touch with family and friends. Before moving abroad, our cultural coach warned us that our lives would change significantly and that it might be difficult for the people we left behind to understand how we'd changed. I felt that the blog would help our friends and family understand our experience. Blogging has kept me connected to my past and created new experiences, relationships and opportunities for me and I love it!

What makes you unique?
Questions like this make you feel b-o-r-i-n-g! 

What is your biggest pet peeve?
It drives me crazy when offline friends make a big point to tell me that "they don't read the blog" and then recite things that I've only published, not said aloud. I don't care whether they read it or not--but I don't need to hear the same comments every time we speak either. 

When are you coming to visit me in France?

We've been looking at tickets! 

My son has been paling the Sims and his character lives in France! Yesterday the Sim was in Paris. Now that his Sim is living in France, he'd like to go and we'd like to take him. When we find reasonable ticket we'll book them.  I'm expecting you to have us over for pie, and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Miss. Patricia!

Her posts that you shouldn't miss:
Definitely, writing about when my beloved little dog died after moving to Mexico with us. 

Second, probably a cool lady I met named Patrice who I featured on my blog and then a few weeks later, the New York Times featured her!:


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