That Time I Gave Up Sugar

Did you know that you can brush your teeth twice a day with a prescription strength toothpaste, floss, use mouth wash, and still get cavities? I sure the heck didn't.

Turns out consuming ghastly amounts of sugar and bread can do that to you. I blame France.

Guess this means I won't be taking advantage of that American section in my grocery store as much. :(

I'm also going to be avoiding this Chocolate Royale like the plague.

Turns out eating appalling amounts of sugar also makes you gain weight. Oops.
This part was less of a surprise.

Monsieur Right and I are going on a no-sugar kick.

I don't how long this will last, but I'm hoping for a long time (I think, maybe?). I had this friend in University (The girl in the picture below), who never ate sugar unless it came from a fruit.

She discovered that she can eat unholy amounts of whatever else she wanted and not gain weight, as long as she swore off sugar. She probably also had one heck of a metabolism, and no cavities. Lucky Duck.

For the next few weeks I will be avoiding this Pinterest board and this one.


UPDATE: I wrote this post last Friday. I hoped to just spiff it up a bit to share with you all today, and then I baked and ate this for a family get-together on Saturday: 

Epic Fail.

Anyone else, get really excited about doing something healthy and then completely fall off the wagon as soon as you get to the first bump in the road?

*Also if anyone is looking for guest post writers this summer, I would love to write a post for you! Just e-mail me!

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