Sunday Show Off & A Giveaway

Alright my ladies, here's the third edition of my favorite posts this week. Sometimes these are new posts, sometimes they're gems I dug up from people's archives, but I'm always happy after finding these little masterpieces. Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!

This is a freaking hilarious post, that even those of us without children can relate too.

How to: Get Your Mojo Back
This girl is a mind reader! A great post for anyone who's burnt out.

How To respond to Facebook creepers.

And a good laugh for the rest of us.

Quickest way to improve your blog? These Saturday Morning Sessions with Sarah.

Things Your Health Teacher Never Told You
And maybe if he/she had, fewer girls would have gotten pregnant in high school. But really, I'm a grown woman. Why didn't I know about half of this?

I actually loved too many of your posts this week, but it's almost midnight and I'm getting sleepy. So you'll have to forgive me as I head off to bed. 


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