Just In Case You're Bored

Despite my insistence that I won't blog on weekends anymore, I'm thinking about making this an occasional Sunday thing. Sometimes I just find the greatest posts (both new and old) and I'm just like, "EVERYONE needs to read this!"

So here I am, spreading the love. These were my favorite reads this week.

You also get this random photo, because I'm horrified that Waldo from "Where's Waldo?"  is named Charlie in France. I needed to share it with people who would understand how wrong this is.

I'm LDS, Nadine is not. 

But she sure wrote an awesome post about Lds bloggers over on her blog the Back East Blonde. 

My blog's still itty-bitty.
So I'm going to need to use some of this advice from The Daily Tay.

Because French people are afraid that too much air conditioning will make them sick.
Ain't no way I'm going to a gym here. Thank you Amanda!

The Post that made me go: Why didn't I think of that?
Faith's dad is hilarious. Pretty sure there isn't a cuter way to celebrate Father's day on your blog.

Have you been paying enough attention to your boobs lately?
I think every woman should read this post. Heck they should read the whole series. Breast cancer is such a horrible, heart-wrenching disease. It's good to know that we have preventative options.

I don't know if anyone actually reads these suggestion posts. But I see some awesome bloggers who put them up from time to time, and since the expectations for my blog on Sunday are like zero, I figured it couldn't hurt.

Let me know if they're worth doing. I promise my feelings won't get hurt if you think they're stupid.

What were your must reads this week?


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