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1. Which airport would you like to never see again?

Madrid. But it's not Madrid's fault. It was American Airlines fault. Let's just say our 17hr flight (which we paid extra for, to minimize how much time we spent waiting in airports), turned into a 25hr long flight, due to American Airline's stupid mistake. We tried to fix things and talk to them.  Lol...

Yeah. That was a waste of time. They gave me the web site address for a complaint form, that I would have to print out and snail-mail in. Then they reassured that probably no one would ever read it.  If you can avoid it, I highly recommend NOT flying with them!

2. What is your travel nightmare?

Leaving my contact lenses solution somewhere. That stuff is like $30 for a little bottle in a lot of European countries. Plus, since most stores close at like 7 or 8pm. So, if I realize before going to bed that I left my contact solution in the last hostel, I'm crap out of luck and blind as a bat until I get home.

3. Would your rather stay in a fancy hotel and do less activities or stay in a hostel and do more activities?

I would rather stay in a hostel and do more activities. That's what I did when I was single and traveling alone. Monsieur Right thinks that this is horrifying and would rather stay at home than sleep somewhere a little uncomfortable. Sadly, I don't think we will going camping anytime soon.

4. Do you have any pre-travel rituals?

I stock up on magazines and gummy worms (or anything cheddar cheese flavored). This is further proof that Amanda and I need to be friends. We're pre-travel ritual twins.

5. What is your favorite airline to fly with?

It's NOT American Airlines.

6. If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I have huge list right now of places to go! Maybe Bali! Who's coming with me?

7.  How do survive long haul flights?

I try to sleep as much as possible. I used to try and sleep just enough so that I'd feel like I was in the right time zone when I arrived. That was a stupid thing to do.

Traveling wears you out, especially super long flights. You can avoid sleeping the entire flight, get to your country thinking your body will be ready for the new time change, and I promise you'll still feel out of wack for the first couple of days when you get there. There's no such thing as sleeping too much on a plane.

Magazines, good snacks, and I always bring my own earphones. I promise you you'll wish you had them when you see those flimsy things that they pass out for free.

Also, bring an empty water bottle to fill up once you get passed security. Long flights make you thirsty and $6 is a ridiculous amount of money to pay for a bottle of water.

8. What is your favorite stamp in your passport and why?
The U.S. ones. It means I got to visit my friends and family. It also means that I didn't have to wait very long to go through customs.

9. What are your top 3 necessary items for travel?
1. Pocket money in the currency of the country I'm visiting
2. A good moisturizing cream.
Really, those high altitudes on the plane just suck all the water out of my face.
3. A camera
Even though I suck at taking pictures, it's better to have crappy photos than no photos.


What about you ladies? Also, what do you think of Q&A type posts? Boring, interesting? If I did a one-time Q&A Link-up would anyone be interested in linking up?


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