Couple-cising and Other Things I'll Never Get Into

Let's getting talking about exercise here today ladies. I hate it. Like really, really hate it.

When I do exercise, I like to do it where no one else can see or make fun of me. I like to be at home watching one of those little exercise videos that you see on Youtube and pretending like I'm half as coordinated as the people prancing around on the screen. I don't lose any weight from, but I can keep up with my husband when he does his ab exercises. So that counts for something, right?

P.s. I'm fully aware that this photo is unacceptably blurry.
My husband loves exercising and every time he does it, I swear he loses 5 pounds. I can exercise 3 hours a day and won't lose anything. My weight loss battle happens mostly in the kitchen. If I eat 6 ice cream cones a day, I look like I eat 6 ice cream cones a day no matter how much I exercise.

Let's break down the male vs. female weight loss program here: 

My husband is also a really huge fan of us exercising together. He thinks it's romantic or something. But let me assure you. There is nothing romantic about embarrassing me in public and me complaining at you for a full hour.

Plus he likes doing things that are completely out of my physical range of capability, outside (I have allergies), and that last a really long time. Do you know he suggested that we do the other day? He would run behind me while I biked from his parents house to the University (5 miles) and then I'll run behind him while he bikes on the way home. That is 5 miles of biking followed by 5 miles of running friends. For someone who hates running and terrified that she might just die while biking, this is unacceptable. 

When I told him that wasn't going to happen, he looked hurt. Sorry buddy. I don't care how hot you are. I'm not playing along. However, today he did manage to convince me to hike up the mountain where we had our wedding reception. This made me very, very grumpy. 

If you'd like to see the view from the top click here. If you just want to follow me on Instagram while you're over there as well, that would be cool. :) *Shameless plug

I've tried to convince him that it's really okay if we don't like exercising the same way and choose to exercise separately. He can't possibly imagine why I wouldn't want to exercise with him. 

What do the rest of you ladies with man friends do? Is anyone actually a fan of Couple-cising? 
(You can go ahead and type that into Google. Some one actually used that like it was a real word once.)


Let me introduce to my Girlfriend Jill. She's such a sweetheart and an adorable blogger. My favorite part? I can totally relate to almost all of her posts! You know when you're in a relationship for a long time and the sparkle has worn off, but you still love your beau? She wrote about it

How many of us are doing the weight loss thing? Everyone needs a diet buddy, right? Your new girlfriend Jill can definitely be that buddy!

Why did you start blogging?

 I began reading blogs about a year ago, and was so impressed by so many strong women out there. I eventually started blogging myself as a way to hold myself accountable. I've always loved reading and writing growing up, so my blog is a really great outlet for me. 

What makes you unique? 

 I asked my boyfriend this question and his response was " you are the most opinionated, go with the flow, person that I have ever met." I'm still trying to decipher this one...

What is your biggest pet peeve?

When I get the inkling for a glass of wine on a Sunday night and then realize I'm out of wine and the liquor stores are closed. worst.thing.ever.

When are you coming to visit me in France? 

I'm hoping on the next plane tomorrow. Be prepared because I am scared of heights, which means I am scared of flying, which translates to: Jill will be sloshed off of the airplane bottles when I arrive in France. Get ready for a fun time!


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