A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

I'm just feeling super loved today, so this post is going to be super sappy. Consider this your fair warning.

Out of curiosity I typed "Love definition" into Google today and was deeply dissatisfied with the results - all so two dimensional. It's a word that can mean so much or so little, depending on the situation and the person saying it. It is a word that is said too much and at the same time not nearly enough. 

It's true that people use it to exaggerate and attract attention to themselves. They use it to deceive. But when it's sincere, love is a word that comforts and heals. It brings people together and saves relationships. 

It's a word that is so profound that it's meaning is different for everyone. Today, I'm sharing what it means to me, and since we all know I love lists...

Love Is


A bear hug after you finally accomplish something you've been working towards.

Leaving plates of full of cookies on the neighbors' door steps. 

Little girl giggles on Christmas morning, as you and your sister try to peak into your stockings. 

Hand written letters.

That little girl who sees a child she doesn't know crying and gives him her teddy bear to make him feel better.


When you want to throw up, because you're so nervous the morning of your wedding, love is that overwhelming feeling of peace after you say "I do." Because no matter what happens now, at least your in it together.

What the world needs now.

That man who lives 5 minutes from his church, but volunteers every Sunday to drive an hour out of town to pick up that family who can't afford a car and bring them to church.


Holding hands at the movies, in the street, in a restaurant, any chance you get.

The smell of a freshly washed new born baby.

All you need. 

Laughing so hard you cry.

A long phone call from a friend who lives far away.



Foot massages after a long day at work.

Always trusts.

Always hopes.

Always perseveres. 

Keeping your mouth shut, when crazy Uncle Bob starts talking about politics.

Passion. For a person, for a story, for a hobby, for a pet.

What does love mean for you?


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