10 Things That Are More Important Than Your Blog

A think a lot of girls have lost sight of this recently. My twitter inbox is a sad place to be right now. You would be surprised at the number of messages I've received from girls who feel like they've been mistreated at some point by another blogger. It reminds of that scene in Mean Girls where the teacher asks "Who here feels they have been personally victimized by Regina George?" and everyone raises their hand. That's what my Twitter inbox looks like.

I thought I'd be a little silly today and try to put things into perspective (mostly for myself).

1. Your dog. 

Why do all lifestyle bloggers have or want a dog? I want a puppy too. But I just can't figure out why this is a reoccurring theme. Anyways, your dog is cuter and more important than your blog.

2. The European financial crisis

No one buying your Passionfruit ads? Don't forget that they're having bigger financial problems elsewhere.

3. Natural Disasters

Think something catastrophic is happening on your blog? Why not take an hour or two to volunteer and help people who are in a real crisis? It might help put things back into perspective.

4. The "Gangnam Style" music video

That video has way more hits than our blogs ever will (combined). True story.

5. Your friends

IRL friends or blogging friends, they are all way more important than your blog. Make sure you're being nice to them, both on and off the internetz. (Ironic misspelling intended)

6. That kid from the "Charlie Bit Me" video.

He's more important than your blog. He's also funnier and has gotten more hits.

7. Your Job

Definitely more important than your blog. Unless your blog is your job of course... then this complicates things.

8. Ice Cream

It's hot outside, and I bet if people had to choose between never reading your blog again and never eating ice cream, they would delete you off their bloglovin' list pretty quick.

9. Lab Rats

When used for medical testing, those little guys save lives. So much more important than your blog!

10. Your significant other and/or children

A billion times more important than your blog!


Please don't feel guilty, if you don't have time to respond to all of your comments or e-mails, because you need to pay attention to more important things.

I have no idea why the blogging queens decided that responding to every single comment was a good rule. For most of us, this is just a hobby. Right now, I've got the time, because I'm still waiting for my work visa to come in (I get to go pick it up today! Yipee!). But someday I'll have a job, and that's going to be more important than my blog. A lot more important.

I'll still write on here, and I'll still respond to questions as best I can. But I certainly don't expect anyone who has children or who works full time to be 100% dedicated to their blog. If you ever don't have time to respond to my comments, I promise it won't hurt my feelings at all! If I like your blog, I'll keep on reading and assume you have a life or something.

*But if you do respond to my comments, I'll be a happy little camper as well.


Also, if you haven't already, make sure you add your funniest posts (even if they're from the archives) to this weeks Friday Funnies!


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