The F Word

That's right, today I'm talking about feminism. Does anyone else feel like this has become a dirty word in today's society? Sometimes I'm almost afraid to tell people I'm a feminist because they assume that means I hate men and burn bras.

What is a feminist anyways?

Is being a feminist mean that I think men aren't any better than women? - Because they're not. Both genders have their fair share of idiots.
Is it not caring about whether my future daughter will to do ballet or football? - Because I sure don't.

For me, being a feminist means not letting people treat you or anyone else like a doormat, regardless of your gender, size, religion, or whatever. It's all about respect.

.:Steps off the proverbial soapbox:. 

On a lighter note, due to the fact that France is consistently 10-20 years behind the US when it comes to gender equality, I recently got to thinking about how different the world would be if we didn't have any silly cultural norms that decide what's best for women and men, if everyone was on the same playing field. 

1. Man Bags (a.k.a the "Murse")

Ladies, raises your hands if a man has asked you to carry a whole crap load of things for them in your purse. Sure, I'll carry his keys, or his wallet, or his phone. But if homeboy asks me to carry all of the above he needs a man bag. I vote for this one becoming more socially acceptable as soon as possible.

Man Bags

The media is constantly taking digs at Female politicians appearance. They are days when I hear way more about Hillary Clinton's cankles than I do about her politics. Not too long ago she came home from an important peace-making trip in the Middle East. I have no idea what she ended up doing while she was there, but let me tell you I sure saw the headlines saying that she was looking older and worse for wear. Can you image if people were taking jabs like this at male politicians?

3. Lingerie For Men

I'm not going to comment on this one. I think the mental image is all you need.

4. More Working Moms - More Stay at Home Dads

This is slowly becoming more of a reality. Baby steps, right? I think the decision to work or stay at home is deeply personal. But no matter what the parents decide, they need a little support. Women think they've got it pretty bad because they are in a lose-lose situation. If they work, people will say they are neglecting their family and don't love their children as much. If they stay at home, they are lazy and unambitious.

However, men aren't even given the choice (normally). They're expected to be the bread winner, and are considered weak and feminine if they want to stay at home. How's that not sexist?

What else do you think would change?

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