Something You Should Know About Living with a Man

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You know all those "Things They Don't Tell You About Married Life" or "What You Need to Know Before You Move in Together" articles? Guaranteed you already know at least half of the things on that stupid list. But you know what no one really tells you about? The laundry loads.

They say that the costs and the workload doubles when you're married. This principle does not apply to laundry (nor the price of groceries, but that's another post). Your laundry piles will triple over night - just like magic.

At first you'll try to justify it. Maybe you just got back from the honeymoon, and you tell yourself that it's because you were on vacation. Or maybe it's because you got behind with all the wedding stress.

Nope. It's none of of that. Men just make loads and loads of laundry. I was shocked. I thought maybe it was just my man. Or maybe it was French men in general. But nope. Ladies, this is an international phenomenon.
My mom's theory? Men's clothes are just bigger sized than women's clothes - so they take up more space in the washing machine. She might be on to something. But I'm also thinking  that they must be secretly changing their outfits several times a day, because my laundry basket fills up at an alarming rate.

Don't worry ladies. If you've noticed this change since moving in with your man, do not be alarmed. It's completely normal, apparently.

You may find your self asking how he got along before you. Who took care of this crap before? There are several possible answers to this question.

Side Note: Do not be alarmed if he steals your socks.

I'm lucky my husband doesn't ever take mine. Socks are like toothbrushes, I do not share, not even with my sister. If you borrow a pair of my socks, you get to keep them!

And for the epic tweet that concluded this conversation:

Hope you all are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend back home (and are putting off doing your laundry until the holiday's over.)

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