Life Lately

1. Truth - Sometimes being an immigrant sucks. Especially when you have to stand in line for hours, so that you might be let into a building. Then, if you get in, you get to take a number and wait for another two hours or so, just so that you can hand some old guy your documents. At least it wasn't snowing like last time while we waited.

2. But standing in line was worth it! I got a fancy paper in the mail today that says I can go to collect my Carte De Sejour (the French equivalent of a green card) in a month and a half. This is really good news, because they also had the option of sending me back to America if for any reason they thought the marriage sounded hokey.

3. Monsieur Right & I went to a very French wedding a little over a week ago. The blue hearts in my hand are confetti. :)

4. French wedding desserts. Triple chocolate mousse, macaroons, Ile Flotant, ice cream, and lemon meringue pudding. Yum.

5. This couple is awesome and their cake was delicious!

6. Our walls were an ugly shade of 70's mustard yellowish orange. We finally got around to painting them this week.

7. Tahdah! This is what our living room looks like now, all white and pretty.

Confession: These Lately post's are mainly for my mom's benefit. :) But I hope the rest of you get a kick out of the photos at least.

Happy almost Friday everybody!


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