If I Won the Lottery

All smart grown up stuff like investments, ending world hunger, and paying off debts aside, I would completely blow my money on the following.

One of my bedrooms (because I'm obviously going to have several) would look like this:

I would wear this outfit to my first ball. Because I'm pretty sure that if I was rich, people would start inviting me to balls. I love girly dresses with leather jackets. Is that weird?

I would fly to Salt Lake to see this girl:

My bathroom would look a little something like this:

I would pay Jennifer Lawrence to be friends with me. She's so funny.


I would sponsor all of my favorite bloggers and give huge giveaways - because those are so much fun! 

I would hop on a plane and head right on over the gorgeous French tropical islands of New Caledonia. This is my dream vacation. Sunshine, coconuts, the beach, and family. It's got everything :)

I would buy my husband a car for his birthday. Probably an Audi, because for some odd reason the Frenchies really love Audis. 

Maybe everyone loves Audis. I couldn't say, I know absolutely nothing about cars.

Imaginary life is fun, isn't it?

In the mean time I'm just listening to this jam and linking up with Whitney.

I need a dolla by Aloe Becc & Wu Tang on Grooveshark


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