How to Name Your Blogger Images and Why It's Important - Tutorial

Sorry ladies. I promised to put up this tutorial a while ago and never got around to it. How's that for the worst excuse ever? Better late than never, right? Don't worry. This is one of these easiest tutorials ever. If you can put images into your blogger posts - you can do this.

1. Open up your post in the blogger editor. 
Find the image you want to work with.

How to name your Blogger images and why it's important

2. Click on the image to highlight it. 
See that little tool bar that pops up? The one where you can pick the size? Go ahead and click on "Properties"

How to name your Blogger images and why it's important

3. This little window pops up. 
You've got two fields you can fill in and they each do something different (see below). Make sure to use keywords or possible search terms. This will help your SEO, and you'll be more likely to show up in Google Image search. 

How to Name Your Blogger Images

4. Remember your Title Text? 
It shows up when people hover their mouse over the image. Try not to put anything too embarrassing ;)

Naming your Blog post images and why it's important

5. Your Alt Text is also important. 
When people go to pin your images, this is the text that shows up automatically in the pin's description. Try writing something that would make that person's friends want to repin your image & make your image easy to find in a Pinterest search. Do not put something stupid and unspecific like I did -"Spring Morning France." Really? How's that going to help my pinners?

Why it's important to name your Blog post images

 Why should you name your images?

-It boosts your SEO

- It makes your images more likely to pop up near the top of Google Image search.

-It helps make your image more re-pinnable (I'm just making that word up). But seriously, when people search for images on Pinterest, they are more likely to find yours if it has a great description.

To be honest, I normally forget to do this. But it's so important if you're trying to get your blog out there, and make's it easier to find. Best of luck ladies!


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