How I Justify Buying Crap That I Don't Need

How-to Justify Buying Things You Don't Need

1. You're only in France once.

Well, I sort of live here now. But I still find myself using this excuse, because hey, who knows how long we'll be here! Maybe we'll be living in New Caledonia in a couple of years! In that case we'll definitely need to stock up, because everything costs twice as much there.

2. I don't have that shade of pink nail polish yet.

Sure,  I have a light pink, glittery pink, dark pink, mauvey-pink, peachy-pink, and taupeish pink. But I really, really, need this is one because it has gold sparkles, and I heard that metallic nails are really in style this season.

3. These heels will totally impress the interviewer. He'll just have to hire me!

... and in that case the price is totally justified. Think of how much more money I will make because of these those. They're actually an investment. I'd be stupid not to buy them.

4. I have nothing that matches my {insert useless trendy thing you bought a month earlier}

If you don't buy something that matches, you'll never get to wear it. And that would have just been a total waste of money, wouldn't it?

5. If I buy these boots, I will never need to buy another pair of boots.

These boots go with everything. They are comfortable.  They're cute. I can style them up or down. These are the ultimate boots. I need them.

6. I'll have to buy it eventually anyway and it's on sale right now.

If don't get it now I'll end up paying twice as much later!

7. These jeans actually fit - I better get four pairs.

I don't know about the rest of you, but finding jeans that fit well is a pain in the butt.  No matter what size I get there seems to be something off with the cut of them. When I find a cut that fits well and makes my butt look good I feel justified in grabbing a bunch, because I have no idea when that opportunity is going to come around again.

8. You can never have too many accessories.

Nothing completes an outfit like accessories. You can change an entire outfit with a necklace and a new bag. Plus they're (sometimes) cheaper than buying new clothes. You're expanding your wardrobe for a fraction of the cost! Might as well grab a few new pairs of earrings too!

9. I wore that dress to the last wedding we went to!

People will think I look silly if I wear it again! Wedding's are important events - I'm gonna need a new dress.

10. I need it for my blog.

My readers have already seen me wearing that dress/t-shirt/hat. They're going to think I wear the same outfit everyday if I don't switch it up!

Generally, I'm pretty self-controlled while shopping. But I've used each of these excuses at least once...

Anyone else as bad as I am?


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