10 Things that Make Smile

I used to hate when people said that happiness was a choice. Sometimes I'm really ticked off or a little depressed, and I don't just have an off switch for my feelings. It wasn't until I moved to France and started traveling that I finally got it.
Beauty, we must carry it with us or we find it not.
No one's trying to tell you that you have to ignore your feelings and force yourself to put on a smile. The secret is to look for or create the happy moments, no matter what your circumstances are. Sometimes life is hard, and horrible things happen to good people. For me, choosing happiness means choosing to continue to look for the silver linings and blessings in your life, even if they're little. You have every right to feel sad or confused or angry when tough things happens. But choosing happiness means not letting your self drown in these feelings, and learning to appreciate what you do have.

10 Things that Make Me Smile

1. Late night conversations with a best friend.

Nobody gets me like my best friends. Having some one that you want to stay up late and chat with is a blessing. A lot of people don't have that.

2.  The smell of fresh laundry

I don't know why this scent is so powerful. But it makes me feel safe, clean, comforted, and pretty - all at once!

3.  Getting mail

I check my mailbox at least three times a day. I especially love packages from Mom, that are filled with Peanut Butter M&Ms and Mac and Cheese. I miss that stuff.

4. Ice Cream

Yeah. I'm kind of obsessed with the stuff. There's always room for ice cream. 

5. Growing Stuff

Generally, I suck at growing stuff. I killed the cute little Basil plant we just bought. But I rock at growing tomatoes. I have no idea what I'm doing, but every year I grow them I end up with way more than I can eat. Nothing tastes better than home grown tomatoes in your recipes. Or whatever it is you like to grow. If you can grow strawberries, I super jealous. Also we should be friends. I'll trade you my tomatoes for some strawberries.

6. Pretty things.

Maybe it's a well set table, a pretty picture, or a smile. Or lace. Anything with lace really. The details make all the difference. 

7. Baby Laughs

Do you know what's more adorable that a baby giggling? Nothing

8. New Albums

Whenever one of my favorite artists comes out with a new album, I'm stoked. I will probably be putting that sucker on replay for weeks.

9. Seeing old couples holding hands

Cute, right? Proof that love really can last.

10. Flowers - Peonies to be more specific.

Nothing is more charming than flowers. Send me flowers, and I'm yours.

Your turn. Tell me about what makes you happy!


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