Never, Never Ever Will You Hear Me Say:

1. Why doesn't this eye shadow have more glitter in it?

2. You look really gangster in your matching Adidas track suits, with your over-plucked eyebrows.
(This is how bad boys dress here)

3. Why didn't I invest in Beanie Babies sooner? I'm just kicking myself now. - If you spent an hour a day exercising instead of pinning you might actually look like one of your inspiration models.4. I'm completely over Pinterest.

5. Turn on the TV! I think there's a Golf match on!

6. I'm not really in the mood for ice cream...

7.  Gilmore Girls was completely overrated.

8. You should chew with your open your mouth even wider. That way I won't just hear what you're eating. I'll see it as well!

9. Could you put some more pickles on that?

10. I wish winter lasted longer!

11. Mmm..... Cheese! The stronger smelling, the better!

12. People should not feel obligated to pick up after their dogs.

13. I look so pretty when I'm crying.

And now I want one so bad!!!

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