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Bonjour! This week I'm linking up with Belinda and the Hemborg Wife for the Expat Session Q&A's. If you're new to the blog, my name is Patricia. I'm a happy little blogger living in the south east of France.

My Story?

I came to France and fell in love with a boy during my study abroad year. At the time we could only see each other on weekends, because he lived three hours away from where I was studying. I thought that was tough.

But then the end of summer came, and I had to go back to my home university to finish my senior year. We only saw each other once during that nine month separation. Just so you know, happy endings do exist :) . After graduation I dropped everything, bought a plane ticket back to France, and married that boy.

What was your favorite season back home and is it the same now; why or why not?

My hometown is located about an hour outside of Las Vegas and the weather was beautiful during the spring! But the summer's were disgustingly hot. Here I love summer. The winters are pretty cold and gray. The summer's here are gorgeous, sunny and warm.

Is there a place you would want to move to based solely on the weather?

Montpellier! This is where Monsieur Right was living when we met. It's a gorgeous old city right in the south of France right along the seashore.

What is a piece an article of clothing that you had to buy for your new home due to the weather? i.e. galoshes, winter coat, etc.

I loved this coat almost as much as
I loved my dress!
Just before moving here I was living in Salt Lake City and the climates are about the same. However, I did have to buy a pretty coat from Mango to match my dress for my winter wedding! Does that count?

Have you found the weather stereotypes of your new home to be true?

My city is really well known for it's ski resorts. It's stayed pretty true to the cold winter stereotype so far. Even though I really hate all things freezing cold and wet, there is something undeniably charming about snow falling gently in the French Alps.

Is there somewhere you would never live based solely on the weather?

Monsieur Right and I voted. There's no way we could live in Sweden. Sorry Hemborg Wife. We won't be joining you anytime soon!

What are you looking forward to most this spring?

Painting my apartment. The walls are a hideous shade of dirty 70's yellow/orange, but it's been too cold to keep the windows open and air out the paint smell.
This is my wedding bouquet. The white
flowers are peonies!

Where you live, what is your go to outfit for spring?

Jeans and a light jacket. I'm not a complicated dresser (but I will be when I'm rich and can afford all the pretty clothes I want).

What is one thing or event that you miss that happens back home at this time of the year?

The Clark County Fair. Nothing in France quite compares to a good old fashioned American fair and carnival.

What type of flower bouquet would you love to have as a surprise?

Peonies! I LOVE Peonies!

What does your perfect Saturday look like?

I would love to spend my Saturday on the beach reading a good book. I'd finish with a sunset picnic with my sweetie and eat delicious fresh pastries for dessert.

I LOVE chocolate mousse themed pastries!

Are there any special holidays in your new country in the month of May?

Yes! May 1st! It's Labor Day (la fĂȘte du travail). I actually had to look that up, because I tend to think of it as "Give Your Wife Pretty Flowers Day."

That day, little street vendors pop-up all over the place selling beautiful little bunches of Lillies of the Valley (often offered with a rose) that they've collected from the country side. You then offer them to your loved ones and the flowers are said to bring them good luck!

Found Love.  Now What?

If you have any questions about France or my life as an Expat, please let know!
Feel free to sound off in the comments or send me an e-mail!


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