Getting the Most out of the Bigs and Littles Program - Week 2

If you stopped by last week you may have read about the Bigs and Littles Networking from that I'm taking part in. If you haven't heard about it yet feel free to click on the button. 

Newlywed Moments

It's a really awesome way to connect with other bloggers, make friends, and to build your blog.
Last week I told you that to start off the program my partner and I wrote down our blogging goals.
To see that post click here.

Paulina did an awesome job and has already reached (or started on) a lot of her goals.
I  ended up changing one of my mine, thanks to Shelby's suggestion, and made a Facebook page for my blog right away instead of waiting.

Shelby's super sweet. You can check out her blog here.

Which brings us up to date for this week.

Challenge for the week: 

Paulina and I are teaming up this week to make guest posts for each of our blogs (coming Saturday! Yay!)

I've never had a guest blogger nor been a guest blogger, so I'm really excited for this opportunity. 
Both of us have really different audiences so we're hoping that we can each introduce ourselves to a few more readers and get a bit of writing practice in. 

You guys will love her. She's a fashion blogger and I just wish I was fashionable. ;)

So, what is everyone else doing with their partners to get the most out of the program? I'd really love to know and to hear a few new ideas!

Share pretty please!


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