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This week I'm really excited to introduce you to my Bigs & Littles blogging partner and to have the my first guest post on the blog!

Hey all of DIY Frenchie Readers. I am her big/little here, my name is Paulina and I have a lifestyle/fashion/fitness blog called Discovering Simply Me.  So I am pretty much the exact opposite Patricia here, but I have been having a blast getting to know her and exchanging advice. I am even super happy to say that I got many things on my goal list with her, but also some things on my 101 in 1001. It's safe to say I am totally and extremely happy to be paired up with Patricia and can't wait to continue to help her too. Starting with putting her info on my next giveaway that will be happening any day now.

But now to keep in theme with her blog a little bit. I want to do my own myth buster with the state of New Jersey. Now it will probably not be as clever as Patricia's, but hey there are some things that people always think about New Jersey that really aren't true.

So with the ever so lovely show that came about a few years ago called the Jersey Shore there are all these slang things about New Jersey now because of these people. Who I might add aren't from New Jersey, just vacationed here. Some things they started-

Dirty Jersez - Comes from the south of the state where the main beaches are. Now if you have never been to that area you could believe this, but in reality it is actually the cleanest and prettiest part of our state. 

The Armpit State- Yes our state is in shape of an under arm to the point. But this does not mean we smell. We have zero factories here anymore. Trenton does not make a thing anymore. (quoting from our famous bridge "Trenton Makes The World Takes" So we may have the shape, but it doesn't have that odor everyone thinks we have. Everyone should go near the Philly airport now that smells over there.

GTL- That whole gym, tan, laundry thing, yes it does happen here, but it also happens everywhere. And trust me the people who don't do those things really dislike that they are treated like the Jersey Shore cast.

This is the main ones that cause issues with the ever so lovely new jerseyians. 

Oh wait one more thing, yes we do have a million diners, and yes they are the best. 

Hey, it's Patricia again. :) Isn't she sweet?

You can check out her blog by clicking on the button below.

Discovering Simply Me

Hope you're all having an excellent Saturday!


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