10 Things I Want to do Before Having Kids

Before dating Monsieur Right it seemed like everyone kept asking me why I didn't have a boyfriend yet.
I even had one well meaning person tell me that God would punish me for not making more effort to look for a husband, and because of this I might end up alone. Forever. 
- What makes this statement even crazier? I was only 18 at the time. Good news. I didn't listen to him and God did not punish me!

No less than one week after Monsieur Right and I officially became a couple, the "Is this the one?" and the "When's the wedding?" questions started popping up. These are especially awkward to answer when both of you are present. If you say "Yes he's the one," or "I could see us getting married," you might scare him off. On the other hand, saying no might make him think that you're not looking for commitment. No matter how you answer this question - you will probably lose.

I know these are just social questions - subjects people like to ask about because:

 a) it fills the silence 

 b) it's an exciting subject and 

 c) people are naturally nosy (myself most definitely included!)

Now don't worry. I completely understand that they come from a place of love, concern, and curiosity. (For the most part). However, they can make you feel awkward if you don't have a response that you would like to share with everyone.

The social question we've been trying to tackfully avoid answering as of late is the baby one.

"So when are you guys going to start having kids?" 

We have only been married for 4 months and I'm 22. The biological clock is by no means ticking. 

We're excited to have kids one day. I'm sure it will be a blast. But right now, it's just not the right moment.

However, I do have a lovely list of things I'm looking forward to doing in the mean time :) :

  1. Get an adult-full time job.
    I've had plenty of "filler" jobs. But I'd like to find a job that is both professional and rewarding for me personally.
  2. Learn new things in my free time.
    Because I won't have as much time later.
  3. Sleep in on the weekend.
    Ok, ok, during the week too! I'm so bad about going to bed on time.
  4. Wear my pretty white coat more often.
    I'm guessing it won't be white for very long after a baby comes. Babies tend to spit up and later have cute, little, sticky-jam fingers.
  5. Get to my goal weight
    I'm not really that far off. I don't even want to go down a whole pants size. I just want to fit more comfortably in my pants and get a bit more toned.
  6. Get more Go-To recipes under my belt
    My list of routine recipes is lacking. Right now, I probably have about 15. I love experimenting with recipes, but I'd like to have a few more mastered that I can just whip up with out even thinking about it.
  7. Take advantage of more one-on-one time with Monsieur Right.
  8. Learn more about pregnancy and the first year.
    Don't eat shark. Don't dye your hair. Don't use cleaning products with chemicals. It seems like there are so many rules (some of which are just old wives tales). I pretty much know nothing.
  9. Change apartments.
    Let's just say that this one is not baby proof - at all.
  10. Spend an entire day reading a good book.
    I've technically done this one already. But I think it's a freedom that I'm going to miss later on, so I might as well enjoy it while I can.

Don't worry - I'm still a big fan of babies.
 Look how cute!
 I'm just not ready for my own yet.

Do any of you moms wish you would had done something different before baby arrived? If you don't have any kids yet, what would you like to do beforehand? What's on your before-baby bucket list?


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