France vs. Spain - Soccer

Apparently tonight's the big match, one of the qualifying matches for the world cup, between two of the best teams in Europe. If the French team wins tonight they will in the running for the world cup. If they lose, then they might still be in the running, but qualifying will be a bit more complicated.  Or at least that's what he told me.

I married a football (soccer) fan. He's not a nut or anything, but he likes to play with the guys on the weekend and watch a match when of his favorite teams is playing. It's really cute actually, and very European.

But I don't get it. I've never understood loving a team when you've never even met any of the players. It's not like you're supporting your friends or something. I asked him once why he loved a certain team, and his eyes just lit up as he explained. Unfortunately that discussion didn't make anything clearer. Is anyone else as numb to sports as I am?

On the bright side, this gives me lots of time to type tonight. I might try and figure out what the heck a linky - party is.

In any case, I hope France wins. Not because I care about the team or the players, but because Laurent's enthusiasm is really cute when they score a goal. :)

And just a fun fact...

You know how some churches back in the states have church basketball teams? Here, they have church soccer teams. This is a picture of LDS Geneve - the team Laurent plays for - in Florence, Italy.


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