13 March 2013

Example of an English Proficiency Letter

I love cooking and making cultural observations, but my blog is also my official dumping spot for posting all of the things that I've had a hard time finding/learning myself. 

I give private English lessons, and I recently had a parent ask if I could write up an official document attesting to his daughter's level of English. I couldn't find any good examples of this online, but I did find articles that explained how to write a good language proficiency letter. It was helpful, but I still would have saved a lot of time had I just seen one good example - these things need to be official and professional, creativity is not necessary. There's nothing wrong with a fill-in-the-blank kind of document for this. 

So here we go!!

English Version

I, the undersigned, (name), private American English tutor and English teaching assistant at (insert name of school and address here), do hereby certify that (name of student) is proficient in English. 

* Putting in your profession and naming where you work makes you look much more credible. 

(Student) expresses his/her ideas fluently and comfortably in English. He/She is able to understand and reflect on a wide variety of texts as well as complete grammar exercises intended for native speakers at the 5th and 6th grade levels.

 *In this paragraph, 3 sentences max, you want to precisely describe the students level. Follow up you're statement with an example/s of what the student is capable of. Avoid overly vague statements like, "She speaks pretty well" or "has a good/basic level of English". If you're not sure how to describe their level check out the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - Thank goodness for wikipedia, right?

I also certify that (Student's name)'s level of English will allow him/her to be a successful student at (Name of institution).

*You can change successful student to successful worker, or what title is appropriate for your student. Also, if you're sure that your student would have a hard time attending said University or working for said company with their current level of English don't hesitate to say that "with continued English lessons (student's name)'s level of English would allow...."

(Name of City where signed),                             (Date signed)

(Your Full Name)                              


Telephone Number 

Email Address 

French Version

Je soussignée, (your name), formatrice d’anglais et assistante de langue vivante d’anglais à (work place and address), certifie que M./Mme/Mlle (name of student) possède une bonne maîtrise de l’anglais à l’écrit et à l’oral.
Son niveau actuel peut lui permettre de suivre les cours à (name of institution).

(Name of City where signed),                             (Date signed)

(Your Full Name)                              


Telephone Number 

Email Address 

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