Bonjours Les Amis!

     The inspiration for this blog came while I was preparing for my wedding in France. I quickly realized that if I didn't DIY a large part of it my wedding was going to look like a bad 90's prom - because that's the type of wedding decorations that they sell in France. Not only were the decorations outdated and ugly, the were the same in almost every single store. The variety was really limited. As for color choice, if you want something other than yellow-lime green, brown, pink, or burgundy then you're out of luck. At first I thought maybe it was cultural. Maybe in France they are 20 years behind and really like tacky, plastic, ugly decorations. To add insult to injury, wedding decorations are generally at least twice the price in France. At first, I decide to settle for pink, because it's pretty and my favorite flowers - peonies - come in pink. I had resigned to tacky. But it turns out my husband doesn't like tacky crap either and every time we went shopping together he was like, "We can't buy that. That's embarrassing. Where's the good stuff like we see on the internet?"
     So we decided to DIY a large part of wedding. However, I found hardly any good DIY French blogs (in French or English), so we stuck with American/British blogs. They were a big help and had great ideas, but we had a really hard time finding the French equivalent of most of the ingredients or materials we needed. So after spending many, many hours searching and experimenting we were able to pull off most of the projects that we wanted to do.
     This blog is going to be filled with my DIY projects (successes and failures), Pinterest projects, yummy recipes, and whenever needed their French equivalents. If you have any questions, or are in France and can't find the equivalent for an American product, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below. See you soon!


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