Took this Pic on a hike a couple weeks ago. Now there's like half-a-foot of snow.

I receive an epic fail for updating this blog. But my friend Gina has convinced me that it's not too late to start up again. I thought I start by answering a few frequently ask questions and then describe my morning :)

Coolest thing I've done so far - Walking with Catherine and Nico (french friend) by Pont du Gard at Midnight. Pretty sure it wasn't legal, but it was super beautiful.

{NO} I'm not dating anyone. I'm waiting till I get back in the states.

{NO} I'm not fluent yet. I'm comfortably conversational. I can talk to almost anyone and have a meaningful conversation. Unless they're ridiculously good looking, in which case I am focusing on not drooling, and I'm definitely not conversing in either french or english. I have a friend who falls into this category and he doesn't speak any English. I imagine he thinks I'm border-line retarded. At least he's really nice about it.

{YES} Frenchmen really are more romantic. Ex: I was having a super cruddy day last week and a man in a wheel chair came up to me and was like "Can I tell you something? You are so beautiful" Moi: "That's kind of you to say." Him: "No, no, I'm sincere. I want to ask something embarrassing, can I faire la bise (those little cheek kisses) with you? You are just so pretty." I'm standing here thinking, he can have whatever he wants; he called me pretty.

I come home at the end of July. Unless I run out of money, in which case I will be home much sooner.

Stereotypes I've heard about America so far: Americans can all sing. They all have big white teeth and there is lots of Coca-Cola there.

My morning was very French. I went to a near by Boulangerie to buy a baguette for my lunch and then to a little street market to buy fresh vegetables for dinner. It was so cute, and I feel so French when I have mornings like that. Sometimes I get carried away with pretending to be a french shopper
and come home with weird vegetables that I don't know how to cook, but I bought because they were pretty. You see, the more vegetables & colors I have in my little red basket, the more I feel that shopping at the market was a legitimate French experience. This is why I now have an eggplant. I don't know to cook eggplant, and I don't remember but I'm 90% sure I don't like it. But it's purple! Hmm....

F.y.i., I'm heading up to Paris for New Years so if anyone will be in the area, let me know.


  1. Brilliant Trish! That was a fun post. I definitely want to come visit you at some point. During Christmas break we should do some traveling together! It'll be wonderful! I wish I could cook... at least you're making an attempt. Props.
    It's snowy here too! Irish people can't deal with it, but I'm having a hoot. Owl bet yhoo are having a hoot too!
    Owl jokes...


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