02 December 2010


Took this Pic on a hike a couple weeks ago. Now there's like half-a-foot of snow.

I receive an epic fail for updating this blog. But my friend Gina has convinced me that it's not too late to start up again. I thought I start by answering a few frequently ask questions and then describe my morning :)

Coolest thing I've done so far - Walking with Catherine and Nico (french friend) by Pont du Gard at Midnight. Pretty sure it wasn't legal, but it was super beautiful.

{NO} I'm not dating anyone. I'm waiting till I get back in the states.

{NO} I'm not fluent yet. I'm comfortably conversational. I can talk to almost anyone and have a meaningful conversation. Unless they're ridiculously good looking, in which case I am focusing on not drooling, and I'm definitely not conversing in either french or english. I have a friend who falls into this category and he doesn't speak any English. I imagine he thinks I'm border-line retarded. At least he's really nice about it.

{YES} Frenchmen really are more romantic. Ex: I was having a super cruddy day last week and a man in a wheel chair came up to me and was like "Can I tell you something? You are so beautiful" Moi: "That's kind of you to say." Him: "No, no, I'm sincere. I want to ask something embarrassing, can I faire la bise (those little cheek kisses) with you? You are just so pretty." I'm standing here thinking, he can have whatever he wants; he called me pretty.

I come home at the end of July. Unless I run out of money, in which case I will be home much sooner.

Stereotypes I've heard about America so far: Americans can all sing. They all have big white teeth and there is lots of Coca-Cola there.

My morning was very French. I went to a near by Boulangerie to buy a baguette for my lunch and then to a little street market to buy fresh vegetables for dinner. It was so cute, and I feel so French when I have mornings like that. Sometimes I get carried away with pretending to be a french shopper
and come home with weird vegetables that I don't know how to cook, but I bought because they were pretty. You see, the more vegetables & colors I have in my little red basket, the more I feel that shopping at the market was a legitimate French experience. This is why I now have an eggplant. I don't know to cook eggplant, and I don't remember but I'm 90% sure I don't like it. But it's purple! Hmm....

F.y.i., I'm heading up to Paris for New Years so if anyone will be in the area, let me know.

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  1. Brilliant Trish! That was a fun post. I definitely want to come visit you at some point. During Christmas break we should do some traveling together! It'll be wonderful! I wish I could cook... at least you're making an attempt. Props.
    It's snowy here too! Irish people can't deal with it, but I'm having a hoot. Owl bet yhoo are having a hoot too!
    Owl jokes...


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