40 Days to Go...

I jetting off to LA to get my visa in a couple of weeks and I'm totally stoked. This whole summer has been so chill. I've finally had the chance to do some non-school-related reading. I've also become addicted to this site called Polyvore. Haha, sad right? I recently made a montage of what I'm planning on packing in my carry-on. I'd thought I'd share:

Packing is the hardest part. How am I supposed to fit an entire years worth of living into 1 piece of luggage and a backpack? I console myself with the idea that I'll be able to buy new fabulous French things when I get there. The saddest part of packing will be parting with my heels for a whole year. I love them, but there just isn't room.

Reading for the week: Charlie St. Cloud & East of Eden. East of Eden is by Steinbeck. That man does beautiful things with the English language. Everything he says carries so much meaning. Are you allowed to have crushes on classical book authors?

This week I've been searching for a laptop backpack so Dean (yes, I've named by laptop) will be safe while I tote him around Europe. No luck so far. I have three basic requirements 1. Its a color that doesn't collect dirt easily. 2. It's big. The bag will also double as my carry-on and the more I can shove in it, the better. 3. It's decent looking, preferably cute. And I just thought of a fourth: under $60. Hopefully, I'll find something soon.


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