Sleek I Divine Palette in Oh So Special • How to Wear Pink Eyeshadow

Last year, I wrote a post about how I was so excited, after purchasing my Oh So Special Palette from Sleek. It's a really pretty palette with a good balance of mattes and shimmers, but the colors can be a bit intimidating. There are two bright matte pinks for heaven's sake! So I thought I'd show you one of my favorite ways to wear this palette today.

But I'm going to argue that these make excellent crease shadows to add a bit of depth to your eye look. Here I've used Gateau (a shimmery pink) all over the lid and then went into the crease with Ribbon (the brightest pink matte in this palette). This matte shade would look SO lovely paired with a satin or even shimmery champagne color as well, especially if you're not ready for a full on pink look. 

Not the most flattering screenshot, but....

Look at how hopeful/enthusiastic I look while chatting about this palette!


Blend the heck out of it. Bright colors with harsh lines can look beautiful in magazine edits, but if your technic is not spot on, it's just going to look bad.

Avoid shadows with lots of fall out. (I'm looking at Dust from the Naked 3 Palette)

Use a primer. Fall out from pink shadow looks more and more like an eye disease as the day goes on.

Apply under-eye concealer after you've finished your eyeshadow. This will help clean up any bits that might have fallen.


I tried to film a tutorial using it for Valentine's day, but as you can probably tell from these images, it was a filming fail. I was zoomed in way too close to my face at all the wrong moments. I also filmed with no real mirrors. Do you know how hard it is to apply an entire face of makeup with an itty bitty compact mirror? Because I sure didn't before trying to film this. 

How to wear pink eyeshadow - MAC creme cup lipstick

This is certainly not the most flattering angle or best makeup look, but look - I made a gif! I'm embarrassingly proud of myself. Expect more of these in future posts. (Hint: you just type in gif maker into Google and upload your photos.)

Make sure you check in later for today's second post to see if you won the giveaway. Best of luck to everyone who entered!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


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