Products Worth Saving On

Some products are totally worth the splurge. The quality more than makes up for the price, and if you're feeling like treating yourself, there are some safe bets. But some products you just can't bring yourself to pull out the extra cash for, because their cheaper counter parts are more than satisfactory.

Lip gloss,

Today, I wanted to share with a couple of products that are so good, I just don't feel the need to spend my extra pennies on upgrading. Now, I wouldn't be opposed to trying higher end versions of them, but I just 100% can't bring myself to do it.

Don't forget to leave your favorite bargains down in the comments, or let me know if you think it is worth upgrading on a few of my cheap favorites. :)

Nail Polish
There are some many great cheap nail polishes. Essie and OPI might be considered a bit of a splurge for some, but I'm counting them as drugstore polishes for this post. These brands are both gorgeous, salon quality, and come in every color imaginable. Why on earth would someone feel the need to spend $40 for a single nail polish from a high end? Why?

Lip Gloss
I will be the first to admit that a lot of cheap lip glosses suck. But drugstore lip glosses have come a long way in the last few years. Many of them feel high-end on the lips. Plus, they collect so much bacteria, it's not very long before they start smelling a bit off and you have to chuck them anyways. Anyone know of a high end gloss that might change my mind? Please explain.

Cotton Pads
Now, I'm sure your fancy two sided cotton pads are much more effective at removing makeup than my 0.76 cent cheapies. But my cheapies just get the job done, and I don't want to spend any more money than I have to on them! If they came in a cheaper, even lower quality format, I'd probably buy those.

I'm going to make up a statistic here and say that fragrance differences aside, 99% of hair sprays are created equal. It's pretty rare to find one that does anything truly innovative for your locks. So why are there people forking over $70 for name brand hairspray? I'd much rather spend that $70 on pretty much anything else.

Shower Gel
Because... Shower gel. Does this one really need any introduction?


Happy Tuesday Friends!

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