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Usually I read tons of reviews on a product and watch demo videos, so disappointing products are few and far between for me. But I just couldn't get the following five to work for me.

Feel free to tell me if I'm using them wrong, or if you have any suggestions for how to fix them and don't forget to share your disappointing products in the comments. :)

Starting off with the best, Kiko's False Lashes Concentrate Lengthening Top Coat Mascara (What a long name!) wasn't bad at all. But it also wasn't great. The wand tip is a large circle, making it a bit tricky to apply, and it didn't lengthen my lashes anymore than an extra coat of regular mascara would have. Overall, not worth the extra step for.

I am in love with the nail color Mint for Life 615 from Maybelline's Super Stay 7 Day Gel Nail Color range. It's absolutely gorgeous and a perfect dupe for Essie's iconic Mint Candy Apple. But I am just not talented enough of a nail artist to work with this formula. If you've ever had problems with Essie's Fiji nail color, you'll know what I mean. The first layer goes on a big thick and streaky and even after I finish the second coat, my nails are still left looking a little less than glamorous.

Overall, it ends up being fine and the last power is great, despite being a bit tacky while drying. However, it's not a polish that I would put on before running out the door. I need my acetone soaked cotton buds at the ready and a solid 20 minutes to ensure they dry completely.

EtreBelle's Liplift Peel, just didn't do anything at all. It's supposed to be a lip scrub, but there are not nearly enough scrubbies in it. The few beads that are in there just glide right off your lips.

Nivea's Pure & Natural lipstick in 76 Earthen Nude was another bummer. It's the perfect 90's brown and looks surprisingly natural on, but I just can't get over the old makeup smell. Perhaps, I just stumbled across an expired one? The formula is a little less creamy than I like and it doesn't last very long. Unfortunately, I think this one would have been destined to remain hidden in the back of my Muji drawers had it not been for this post. Not bad enough to chuck it straight away, but not good enough to reach for when I've got more enticing options.

Last summer, I wanted a traditional, slightly shimmery bronzer to brighten my cheeks, so I picked the Dream Terra Sun bronzer by Maybelline in 03 Bronze / Soleil Ambré. To be fair, I may have gotten an expired one, because the plasticky odor was a bit more than I could handle and the texture unforgiving. I really have to scrape in there to pick up any powder.

After about 15 seconds or so of vigorous swiping, I was able to get the following swatch:

The color, after I make a lot of effort just to get any to show up at all, is disappointingly orange and matte.

Normally, Maybelline makes great products. Some please tell me that mine has just gone a bit off, because this is completely unwearable in it's current state.


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