C is for Color Match • The ABC's of Beauty

Tips and tricks for finally getting an exact match!

Tips for getting a good color match:

• Find out if you're warm or cool toned - and then forget it. 

Knowing the undertones of your skin is really helpful when starting out your search for a foundation. But what's more important is how it looks on. A lot of brands give their products names that help narrow the red vs. yellow undertone hunt, but sometimes they're mistaken.

If a shade is called "Golden Ivory," but it looks more like it should be named "Strawberry Alabaster" on your skin, just move on. Names can be misleading.

• Choose a color that seems to "melt" into your skin when you rub it in, rather sitting on top.

• Get a second opinion. 

Bring an honest friend, or ask a salesperson (whose foundation looks good) in the store, if the color suits you.

• Going a shade darker to get a "healthy glow" will make you look like a pumpkin at worst, and slightly dirty at best.

It needs to match your skin tone! Save the healthy glow effect for your bronzer and add that sunshine in strategically.

• Test from the middle of cheek, down the jawline and onto your neck.

The back of your hand is very rarely the same color as your face.

• Try it on and then go outside to see how it looks in natural light before purchasing. 

Sometimes stores have funky lighting, and you'll find that the color looks completely different when you get home. Giving things a quick look in natural light can help you avoid this.

Online Tools:

If you've already got a good color match in one type of foundation, this matrix helps you figure out what your color would be in another. Pretty nifty.

A site a little less well known, but I find it to be more user friendly, and the matches to be spot on. 

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