An H&M Home Haul & Honest Review

We all know it's pretty. Ever since it's release, bloggers and vloggers worldwide have been drooling over H&M's Home collection. 

None of the pieces are obvious eyesores, they're on trend, and there's at least a little bit of something for nearly everyone, no matter what your style is. Plus, and this is the most important part, it's ridiculously affordable. 

But what's the quality like? 

First Purchase

Cushion and cover opinion, gold wire basket review hm home collection

The Basket: 

The color is gorgeous - A true gold. It's also surprisingly sturdy, and I'm already planning to pick up another. It's the perfect size for organizing baby's affairs on our skinny Billy bookshelf from Ikea. Here I've filled it with bibs and burb rags. Glamorous, right?

Buy or Bye?
Definitely a Buy! :)

Second Purchase

Cushion and cover opinion, gold wire basket review hm home collection

The Covers: 

These are pretty, come in a billion color/pattern choices, and the seams look sturdy enough. Plus, they're cheap! The only negative is that the black one collects dust like no other. You'll need to pass a lint remover over it before your guests show up, and this one in particular will probably be a nightmare for pet owners. 

Buy or Bye?


The Cushions:

They fit the covers perfectly and plump up quickly after coming out of the packaging. They're also really comfy and stuffed with real down. But holy cow, do these things smell like they're fresh off the farm. I don't know if I just got an unlucky batch or what, but they smell like animals.

After a solid washing session, they've dried to a lighter, fart like smell, which I didn't realize until after the in-laws left this weekend. I actually thought a-person-who-shall-not-named sitting next to me had an upset stomach. Nope. It was the throw pillows, and that person probably thought I was suffering from pregnancy flatulence. Lovely!

The pillows are currently being washed for a second time with a healthy dose of vinegar, fabric softener, and detergent. I'll let you know how that goes.

Buy or Bye?

If the smell comes out after a second wash, definitely buy, because they are freaking comfy. If they still smell like barnyard - BYE!!!


Hopefully, this has been helpful for those of you considering making a purchase, especially since H&M Home only exists online in some countries. It's hard to know what to expect when you buy stuff randomly on the internet!

Happy Thursday Friends!


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