You Need to Come to France - Like RIGHT NOW

Today's post is going to be short and sweet. Let me sum it up for you. If you like clothing, shoes, make-up, etc. - you need to get your butt on a plane and get over here right now. France is in the middle of Les Soldes!!!!!!!!!! And yes. It is worth very single one of those exclamation points.

You know how Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works have the most awesome semi-annual sales? Well, in January and July ALL of France goes on semi-annual sale.

Every week the prices go down and as of yesterday, we are officially on week 2!

I tried to get you pictures. Unfortunately, most of them are blurry, because people were totally judging me when I whip out my camera to take pictures. They didn't say anything, but I could see it in their eyes.
La Touriste.

So many pretty things! I think I need some scarves....

H&M = Love
Have you bought your plane ticket yet? 

I bought sunglasses for 3€ and a gorgeous swimsuit for 8€. I didn't buy anything else, because I haven't found my dream job yet and can't justify spending money senselessly at the moment.


I was watching the Bachelorette while typing this post. Oh my gosh.  Here are a few unfiltered reflections. (A few days late.)

- "My dad's got cancer and wants to keep it on the down low. Not even his co-workers know about it."
That's not an exact quote. But that's more or less what the guy was saying. Obviously, announcing it on national television seems like a pretty good way to respect his sick father wishes.

- How can she kiss so many guys in a row? She just kissed a different guy like two minutes before. I bet the first guy's spit hasn't even dried yet.

- I can't respect anyone who uses the verb counteracusate in a serious manner. Pretty sure that's not a word. (But will go humbly hide under a rock if someone can prove me wrong)


I hope all of you lovely ladies back in the states are having an awesome 4th of July. I miss you. Today I'm going to try to introduce my French family and friends to a good old American shindig. Wish me luck!

Also lots of thanks to all your lovely suggestions on twitter. I'm definitely making some of them tonight!


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