Le Bien, Le Mauvais, et Le Moche

Last week, I was yapping on and on about the life lessons I learned in preschool. If you missed it, I talked about how we've all got faults, and we're all still in the process of figuring out how to be better people. To follow up, today I'm sharing a few of mine. I hope you'll still want to be friends with me. This post was inspired by the lovely Erin.

The Good

1. I make a freaking delicious quiche. Come visit me, and I'll prove it.

2. I'm very vocal when I feel like someone (even someone I don't like) is being mistreated.

3. I've never done drugs, smoked, or drunk alcohol. Ever. I'm clean as a whistle.

4. I'm very happily married.

5. I can fix almost anything with a Google search. My family-in-law thinks that I'm a computer genius, and amazingly creative. The truth? I spend WAY too much time on Pinterest.

The Bad

1. I'm messy when I don't think anyone will be coming to visit for a while.

2. Yet, I'm a complete germaphobe. I will not be sharing drinks, lipgloss, or mascara with you. Sorry. It doesn't mean I don't love you.

3. I am a shopaholic. No, really. I have a problem.

4. I'm addicted to reality TV. I like it better than regular television.

5. I might just be the queen of typos. I know my basic grammar. I know the difference between your and you're. Heck, I taught English to French high schoolers for a year. I just suck at proofreading (i.e. I don't do it).

The Ugly

1. I can be a know it all. I don't know everything, but when I do know something I don't want to put up with your bull crap or argue about it. I am right. You are wrong. Neener, Neener, pumpkin eater. Sometimes I don't say anything and just let you think you're right. This is not me being humble. This is me being a passive aggressive know it all.

2. I can go on and on about how much girls should love their bodies no matter what they weigh. It should be about health, not about looking good for someone else. Yet, I totally want to lose 15 lbs even though I'm at a perfectly healthy weight. I just want to look better in a bikini. It's shallow and vain. It's also hypocritical.

3. I suck at keeping in touch with people (my family included) and responding to emails.

4. I think that my ridiculously adorable friend's baby is super ugly. As in very, very unfortunate looking. I think there's a good-person law some where that says you're never allowed to think babies are ugly, but I can think of at least four very ugly babies I know just off the top of my head.

5. When I was a little girl, my mom used to tell me that I had great leadership skills. That was a very nice way of saying that I can be obnoxiously bossy.


I'm working on all of that. Expect for that ugly baby part. Not sure how to work on that... But until it gets better, at least I'm owning up to it. If you had to made a list of your good, your bad, and your ugly, what would it look like? Did any of you participate in this link when it when live, months and months ago?

Anyone else notice that I only like to do link-ups that are completely ancient? Oops


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