Lover's Bridge

I LOVE romantic local traditions. When in France, do as the Frenchies do, right?

When I was in Paris last year, I discovered the most beautiful bridge. The bridge, in and of itself, isn't that spectacular. It's a normal, sturdily built bridge. What makes it special is the thousands and thousands of locks that line its railings.

This is a picture I took while I was visiting Paris. I do not actually live there.

You see, each of these locks represents a love story. Legend has it, that if you attach your lock to bridge and then throw the key into the river, you love will last until some one finds your key and uses it to unlock your lock. The river is so deep and fast moving, your key is probably lost forever,  just like your love will last forever. 

Lovers from all over the world come to this bridge to attach their locks, which are often inscribe with a small little message (such as the couples name, or a special date).

I decided that this was the cutest thing ever and made it goal to add our own lock to the bridge the next time Monsieur Right and I were in Paris.

Turns out, we have our own Lover's Bridge in my city, and we can get there by foot from my apartment!

Guess who decided that today would be a good day for married people date?

Our afternoon started out at the American section of a local grocery store. Looky what I found! They were also surprisingly cheap. If you live in the same city as me, send me an e-mail, and I will hook you up.

Yeah... I don't even like Dr. Pepper. I just wanted to feel more American today.
Lookin' pale in the park.

 Let's get back on track here. The Lover's Lock Bridge. 

It's actually called Le Pont Saint-Laurent. But I think that's boring, so I renamed it.

That's our lock below. It's really corny - like us. :)

The couple below us were cooler, and actually got a professional inscription on theirs.

The hunky husband, Monsieur Right, getting ready to throw the key in the river...

Isn't he gorgeous?
And it's gone! Guess this means that we're staying together forever now. :)

Such a sappy, lovely date.

Does your town or country have any fun traditions like that?


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