It's Because I Have No Friends

Just kidding... Sort of. I have lots of awesome friends. I just don't see most of them and I suck at keeping in contact with people. This is one of the reasons that I blog.

I love reading other people's "Why I started blogging" posts. Unfortunately, my story is pretty lame. For me, it was because I had a horrible time finding good DIY information online for the Candy Buffet that we did at our wedding. I wanted to share what had worked best for us, so that other people would have an easier time. It was also a great way to keep my mom up to date on life in France. The time difference makes calling the states a bit more complicated, and I suck at keeping in touch with her too.

Then, once upon a time, I was having a bit of a pity party for myself on the blog, and wrote about how much I missed my girlfriends back home. That's the moment I discovered there was this whole little blogging world. I had such a wonderful response. So many of you responded that you were going through the same thing, or offered your friendship, and it really meant a lot to me.

I love France and the people that I've met here. But some days I still feel all alone, and misunderstood because of the difference in cultural mentalities. It's like being a melodramatic teenager all over again. I've thought on more than one occasion, "No one really gets me!" or "They can't possibly understand how I really feel!". This is true to an extent. Someone who hasn't lived really lived in America for an extended period of time, can't possibly know where I'm coming from on certain issues. But you girls do. You totally get it!

And I love you for that!

When I Instagram a picture of a roll of uncut band-aid, you all think it's just as weird as I do. 

You get my jokes! Even if they're not really funny, at least you get them.

When I say that they don't have Macaroni & Cheese in France, you understand just how sad that really is. Poor, deprived French children.

You leave the most encouraging comments.

You think the French word for "seal" is as awkward as I do.

And so I'm here. Desperately typing away and hoping that you want to be friends with me. :) That sounds pathetic doesn't it? I just miss having girlfriends to chat with, and to be honest, I miss America. I miss speaking English everyday. Blogging has helped meet all of these needs for me.

That's the real reason I blog. (Plus, I've always secretly wanted to be a writer - this totally counts, right?)


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