I Believe

I believe in happily-ever-afters.

I believe in taking lots of pictures... even if they turn out blurry.

I believe in changing your sheets at LEAST once every 2 weeks.

I believe in family BBQ's, fresh cut watermelon, and homemade icecream.

I believe in corny jokes. What is Beethoven's favorite kind of fruit? Ba-na-na-nanaaaaaaaaaaa! (To the displeasure of everyone I meet, this joke works in both French & English)

I believe in snail mail.

I believe that people will pay you what they think you're worth. A.k.a Choose your degree wisely.

I believe in huge American style Christmas trees, so heavily covered with ornaments and good memories, that the branches are starting to droop.

I believe in reading all of the Harry Potter books. 5 times each.

I believe in falling in love. Hard.

I believe in keeping the embarrassing photos. Except that one where I look twenty pounds heavier, and you can see up my nose. That one's getting deleted. ;)

I believe in breaking up with any one who doesn't respect your dreams.
I believe in writing letters to men people who have treated you badly, and then actually sending them.
I believe in demanding respect from people and not letting anyone treat you like a doormat.

I believe in Fettuccine Alfredo sauce.

I believe in going to Ikea, just for lunch.

I believe in a honest day's work.

I believe in sunshine and the seaside.
I believe in letting the sand exfoliate your feet as you run in it, all wet and barefoot.

I believe in painting your nails wild colors, just for fun.

I believe in dressing small children up in horribly embarrassing outfits and lots of tutus.

I believe in singing loudly in the car with your girl friends when a good song comes on.

I believe in not losing your accent or anything else that makes you unique when you try to integrate into a new country. (Unless one of your really cute habits is consider impolite in your new culture -totally happens.)

I believe in wearing things while they're trendy, even if you know you'll be embarrassed by the photos 2 10 years from now. Have fun, and flaunt it while you still have a good excuse!

I believe that everyone has a bikini-ready body. Have a swimsuit? Have a body? Then you've got everything you need! The rest is unimportant. Go have fun. (It took me a long time to learn this one)


I got the idea for this post from a super old link up party. Missed that one by a long shot. Anyone else late to the party? If you write a post like this, or have already written one and leave a link in the comments, I promise to check it out!

What things do you believe in?


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