Getting Pregnant From Using Public Toilets

Remember all those crazy things you used to believe as a kid? In honor of Flashback Friday (I'm not sure if that's a thing or if I'm making it up) a.k.a I totally missed throwback Thursday, I'm taking a trip down memory lane to share with you some of silliest things that I really believed in as a kid.

If you swallow a watermelon seed, a real watermelon would grow in your stomach.

I blame the Rugrats for this. I also spit the seeds, even the little tiny ones.

The world's best job is working at Dairy Queen. 

Seriously. That was my dream job. Whenever I would get self-serve ice cream from Maverick's, I would practice swirling the ice cream just right onto the cone. I wanted to work on my "skills" to improve my chances of getting hired. To this day, I make a really pretty soft-serve ice cream cone.

Turns out, it a pretty useless skill though (shocker!), haven't seen one self-serve ice cream station since coming to France. This is one of my hidden talents. Monsieur Right has no idea...

My toys came to life when I left the room.

I wasn't really sure about this one, but I made sure to put each Barbie doll in the box next to the Ken doll she was "dating," just in case. I wondered if they thought I was a nice little girl, and a good owner.

L-M-N-O was one letter.

You sing that stupid song so fast! I really thought there was a letter called Ellemeno. I could never figure out which symbol it was though...

You could get pregnant in a pool, if a boy swimming nearby got a little too excited. 

I thought they were called little swimmers for a reason.
I also had a well intentioned, but equally uninformed friend confirm this theory.

You could get pregnant from using public toilets... 

...if you sat directly on the seat and a boy had gone before you.
I worried (alot) about how I was going to tell mother, if I ever were to get pregnant like that. "But Mom, it's not my fault I swear!"

p.s. I'd had a very informative birds-and-the-bees talk, and parents who were open to answering questions. I just had an over-active imagination, and was way too embarrassed to talk to my mom about s-e-, you know!

If I didn't wear bras, I would never get boobs.

My best friend told me this. She was sure, because she had an aunt who never wore bras & her breasts were completely flat.

I may have gone home and tried to convince my mom that I needed to start wearing bras right away! (I was ten.) I may also have cried from frustration when she told me I didn't need a bra, and that she wouldn't buy me one. I was horrified. I was never going to have boobs like all the other girls. My mom was ruining my life!

Turns out that waiting wasn't such a bad thing, considering that every bra that she bought me after that came in that lovely torpedo/cone shape.

It was a beautiful day when I started making enough money from babysitting to buy my own clothes.

I thought this was a great song:

Oh, wait. I still kind of do. :) Linking up with Whitney for #backthatbottomup Friday

Did you guys believe anything weird like that when you were kids?

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